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17.12.2019 22:51:00
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Washing of our fleet
24.9.2018 17:02:00
Washing of our fleetFor today's article we made several photos during the washing of the fleet in our logistics park near Prague. This cleaning was really special because it took place in Kozomín instead of the driving to the nearest washing line. Before the washing you have to place the car in the middle of the inflatable washing system and then you can clean the car, which is quite fast. Our vehicle fleet All photos of our fleet can be found on our website in section "Truck transport" or "Moving services". It depends on section you are looking for.   More
Transport of historic vehicles
9.9.2018 21:33:00
Transport of historic vehiclesToday we have for you several photos of historic vehicles which we were transporting few years back. Because it is quite hard to load and unload the vehicle on and from the truck we had to use ramps to do that. Also, we had to use special stops to make sure that everything will be fine during the transport. More details you can find in the photos below.  Moving of all kinds Our company specializes not only on the transport of big and heavy items, but we are also able to move the apartment or house, company, art objects and so on. Do not hesitate to contact us We are here for you, so do not hesitate to use our online form which you can find on our website.   More


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