Transport to Germany
21.6.2018 11:52:00
Transport to GermanyDue to an exhibition near Czech borders in Germany, we were transporting an exhibit. The whole move was in sign of safety and precise work.                 MODERN VEHICLE FLEET Transportation like this or moving services we provide are possible thanks to the vehicle fleet we have. And this is the advantage we can offer - to rent a moving car which fits the best, so it can be much cheaper in the end.                 FIRST-RATE PACKING MATERIALS For every move we use only high-quality packing materials which can provide safety and protection.                  DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US   More
Transportation to Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland
26.4.2018 8:53:00
Transportation to Bohemian-Saxon SwitzerlandTransportation to Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland. During the journey there was this beautiful view, so we had to stop and take a photo for you. As you can see we used Volvo FH 460. If you want to know more details about this car, you can find it there.  More
Journey to Portugal
21.3.2018 20:53:00
Journey to PortugalToday we have for you photo from our journey to Portugal. In the photo you can see our brand new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter under the snow in Spain few kilometers from borderline with Portugal. Luckily, this was the only complication we had and the rest of the journey was without any problems. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is new in our fleet. This one and other seven pieces were purchased to replace older Ford Transit. All the vehicles are equipped with system called "WEBDISPEČINK" which helps with communication between the vehicle and the office.  More


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