Company moving with professionals in the industry

Finally, did you succeed? Have you found a great office or a whole building for your ever-expanding business? No more confined spaces and bad light! But how to plan the moving of company so that everything is done quickly, efficiently, cheaply and without the slightest problem? Of course with HrubyMOVING! If we have a really long experience with something, it's the company moving. This is a more complex and demanding process than apartment moving therefore it requires more planning. Together, we can do it without difficulties.


We have many sophisticated solutions for you that are proven every day. We will help you to plan the amount of furniture you will need, design a spaceplan and we will be happy to advise you the placing of furniture in new premises and other tasks that will ensure the perfect result.


Careful preparation is the basis for success

After the careful preparation and planning of moving companies, you will need our packaging materials, which we can borrow you. Our specially equipped vehicles will provide fast and reliable transportation. The moving of companies from the smallest to the largest is mostly done at weekends, which ensures that the company operation will be disturbed as little as possible.


Company moving is a great step for every company and we will try to do the best to get everything done exactly according to your ideas. It's our daily bread, so you can be sure we know what we're doing.


Storing? No problem!

If you need to store temporarily some old furniture or equipment, nothing is easier than leaving it in one of our modern warehouses in Kozomín near Prague, Brno, Vyškov or Ostrava. Likewise, there is no problem for us to move heavy loads, works of art or moving of the apartments.

Put your company's property in the hands of real professionals!


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