Service for your and our vehicles

Everyday the company HrubyMOVING relocates apartments, homes or offices. In order for quick and smooth relocation, we have 150 vehicles of all sizes and tonnages. We keep them in perfect condition to ensure the transport service at maximum reliability.

Thanks to this, we also have two vehicle garages that concern our fleet. You will find them near Prague in Kozomín town and Vyškov town. And because we shloud share all good things, we offer you our great service as well.


In our services we are happy to take care of your car or truck. Our trained technicians are ready to perform any inspection or repair. Just contact us!


Moving services of all kinds

HrubyMOVING service portfolio is much wider! We are not only seasoned specialists for moving of companies from very small to huge multinational companies, there is no problem for us to move apartments or family houses. Do you need to transfer a valuable work of art or a heavy loads? We can arrange it without difficulties. Every relocation will be preceded by a visit by of our trained technician who plans everything in detail and suggests an ideal procedure.


Our warehouses are here for you!

If you are temporarily troubled by the lack of space, you have a unique chance to use our modern warehouses! In total, at four locations in the Czech Republic, we offer you top-class storage spaces with 24-hour monitoring:

  • Kozomín u Prahy
  • Brno
  • Vyškov

Moving doesn´t have to be full of stress and delays. Years of experience, careful planning, reliable fleet and professional approach we guarantee the smooth running of the event. Simply, when it comes to moving, HrubyMOVING has no competition!


Order our services today and see for yourself!


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We have been on the market since 1995

Provides insurance under the CMR Convention

We have a modern fleet with more than 150 trucks

We specialize in Western Europe, especially GB and IT

We have branches in Prague and Vyškov

We use storage areas in Prague, Vyškov and Ostrava with a total area of 7000m2

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