Heavy loads moving - anytime, anywhere

Can´t you imagine moving to the sixth floor that enormous  grandmother cabinet? Are you moving to a bigger office and thinking about how to transport those great filing cabinets that run along the entire wall? Let these worries to real professionals in the field of moving! We know exactly how to do it!



Whether on the upper floor or to the other end of Europe, we can manage the moving of heavy loads excellently. We use a sophisticated system of machines that are capable of transporting or pulling  heavy objects exactly where you need them. For some sneakiness, even the machines aren´t good enough,  there our workers  can handle  the loads without any problems.


Pack, transport and deliver

We also place great emphasis on the protection of transported items and therefore we offer a wide range of protective materials. Depending on the specific situation, we are able to produce these protective materials directly for a specific requires. Transport itself is  carried out by one of our more than sixty specially modified vehicles.


Removing heavy loads is also preceded by a free visit by our technician who will propose the best solution for the whole process. A quality is in detailed planning.


We offer works of art moving as well entire companies

Heavy loads moving is just one part of the full range of services that HrubyMOVING offers. We will  be also happy to offer the moving of artworks, where is  great emphasis on their precise protection needed.  You would hardly find someone better to move apartments or companies. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are real professionals in the industry.


See for yourself and entrust your property to someone you can trust. Save stress and discomfort. Moving has never been easier!



References of many satisfied customers will surely convince you! Contact us!


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